Current projects

I am currently working on the following collective project :

  • Dual states and Constitutionalism: Theory from Southeast Asia under CRISEA, EU-funded Horizon 2020 Project

The objective of this research project is to develop new insights about the politics of the rule of law based on experiences of constitutionalization in Southeast Asia. Prominent scholars of law have highlighted the dualistic character of the state, contrasting the “normative” (rule of law) state with a “prerogative” (arbitrary) state (Fraenkel 1942), and the legal system that operates in “normal” circumstances versus the legal system that operates in times of “emergency” (Ferejohn and Pasquino 2004). In a similar vein, this research project seeks to theorize the existence of a “deep constitution” embedded in the “visible” constitutional framework that regulates a “deep state” that is in permanent coexistence and competition with the “regular” state. Read more here…